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About ANS Studios


NS Studios Does Audio, Video, and Photo

From humble hobbyists to established musicians, ANS Studios has worked with a diverse portfolio of clientele, and has years of experience in professional audio, video, and photo. We love what we do – and it shows. As anyone with an intense passion for their work can tell you, when you truly care about what you do for a living, it expands your boundaries and produces outstanding results. Our clients are proud of what we have accomplished together – see why in our Work Galleries.

About The Owner

Anthony Scott DePerto

Anthony Scott DePerto


nthony Scott DePerto

After years of experience as an audio hobbyist, Anthony began his career in audio production by helping to create post-production voice-over and sound effects for commercial clients. In 2008, he graduated from the SAE Institute at the top of his class. This educational experience cemented a passion and work ethic that has translated to the incredible results that ANS Studios has provided its clients to date. Emboldened by his enthusiasm for audio recording and production, Anthony expanded his professional repertoire to include cinematography and photography. His enthusiasm towards creating projects of exceptional quality is the fundamental principal on which ANS Studios operates. See For Yourself

No project is ever truly complete. It only escapes. – Anthony

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The Studio

Control Room

Our control room was custom built to provide a large viewing window into the live room – any experienced recording artist can tell you that this addition is not just for show. It allows the engineer and the artist to communicate using visual cues that will not interfere with the recording process. The control room is outfitted with acoustic dampening foam in order to maintain unadulterated sound quality when mixing, mastering, and previewing audio recordings. This space is complete with custom LED lighting, comfortable leather seating, and other decorative features. Aesthetics aside, the control room is the powerhouse of ANS Studios – it contains our elite audio engineering station, powerfully clear audio monitors and subwoofer, and dual-mounted computer screens. Although the control room is located underground, we’ve installed an outdoor camera to simulate a window – this way you can actually see that you put in a full day of work when you realize it’s turned dark outside.

Live Room

Like the control room, ANS Studios’ live room is fitted with acoustic sound dampening foam. This feature is absolutely essential in order to create an environment in which sound waves can reach the recording device without unwanted echoes or reverberations. Large enough to fit a full rock band, the live room also contains a removable vocal booth that can be set up to provide a sound-dampened micro-environment for vocalists and ADR/voice over needs. We custom built the live room so that all power sources and default audio cables are kept out of the way – this allows the artists to set up in a way that they are used to performing, without distracting clutter. ANS Studios has several in-house musical instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, electronic drum kits, and more. Musicians are still encouraged to bring their own equipment, but just in case you feel like an improvised jam session, we’ve got you covered.

In The Field

ANS Studios does much more than recording audio, film, and photography at our headquarters. We’re constantly on-location, providing our clients with incredible opportunities to bring their talents to new and exciting environments. While we do occasionally record audio in the field, most of the work we do outside the studio involves cinematography and photography. Whether our clients need music videos, high-definition commercials, professional interviews – or anything else – we have extensive experience working in uniquely challenging locations and environments. If our client has a vision, it’s our duty to make it a reality.