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ANS Video Production

Cinematic Video & Editing

Cinematic Video & Editing


nlike many other studios that offer videography services, all of our equipment is self-owned and never rented. From cameras to audio capturing equipment, lighting and rigging, we have mastered the details of working with the industry’s top gear. This provides our clients with the opportunity to work with a studio that operates efficiently both in the field and at the editing station. While other studios may charge their clients more to make up for costs associated with rentals and poor organization, this is something you’ll never get from ANS Studios.

When approaching film making, our philosophy is ‘think twice, shoot once.’ Using this method, we guarantee that time spent filming is kept to a minimum and more of what we film is used in the end product. Our ability to work within strict time constraints and challenging locations allows us to offer our clients much more than just music videos; ANS Studios offers a far range of cinematic video production, including short films, commercials, promotional videos and more.

Cinematic Video & Editing

We’re lucky to live in a time when so many people can afford to buy a high quality video camera, but simply having access to gear doesn’t automatically make you a videographer. At ANS Studios, we take the role a step further, as we integrate cinematic elements into our filming and editing – we’re not videographers, we’re cinematographers.

  • Music Videos
  • Commercials
  • Short Films
  • Webisodes / Viral Marketing
  • Virtual Tours & Tutorials
  • Graphic Animation
  • Green Screening
  • Cinematic Editing
  • HD File Conversion